Activist Deandra Jefferson, 27, of Philadelphia, said she was part of a large, peaceful demonstration by the Philadelphia Museum of Art on Saturday when police in riot gear arrived and things.

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We start with a demo/discussion related to the upcoming. the fundamental things about science in general is that it’s an exercise in curiosity so if we can spark people’s curiosity and.

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Pampus island was chosen as location for Tuesday’s waterborne demonstration because of a Dutch saying, translated as “Anchored at Pampus,” that means exhausted. Corder reported from The Hague.

Today’s daf presents us with a compelling demonstration of halachic. Meir’s ruling based on a hypothetical enlargement of the hole. But we shouldn’t discount him. Rabbi Meir’s fanciful thought.

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Chalk sees this research space as an enhancement to the command’s inherent capabilities to foster continued technology maturation and transition from applied research to demonstration flight test.