For men with diabetes, there are risks of sexual problems like erectile dysfunction . We've got information to support you and advice on what can help.

A scientist newly appointed as an advisor to the British government has expressed skepticism about focusing on the role of structural racism in the disproportionate effect that.

Sexual Health clinics for men that have sex with men, free HIV testing and other. Isone of the top 100 UK law firm offering specialist legal and financial advice.

Many of the perpetrators have been jailed for their crimes. Now a number of survivors and their families claim that officials.

We are the specialist sexual health service for NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde. We provide sexual, reproductive and emotional health services.

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There are many health problems that men do not take seriously in their younger years because they rarely present a problem. You may have once had a bountiful supply of sexual desire, for example.

It's estimated 1 in 10 men has a problem related to having sex, such as premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction. Sexual problems can affect any man, whether.

IT’S not just headaches – there are officially 78 reasons why couples stop having sex during long-term relationships. Lack of.

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From 2004 outbreaks of LGV occurred in gay men across Europe and the UK.. Testing (rectal swab) needs to be done at a specialised sexual health clinic.

A 2017 survey by counselling organisation relate found that only a third (34%) of UK adults are satisfied with their sex.

Public Health England report says infections falling before coronavirus reduced sexual contacts.

All sexual health services are run from Barking Community Hospital until. https :// Non-judgmental emotional support, practical advice and information for men.

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The number of gay and bisexual men diagnosed with HIV has dropped to its lowest number in 20 years, says Public Health.

. sex hormones suggest it could lead to sexual health problem in men.. Coronavirus has brought more misery to the UK today, claiming the.

A UN women’s rights committee has expressed alarm at the worsening health of Saudi activist loujain al-hathloul, who is on.