If women can struggle with a low sex drive, then so can men.. S.O.'s problem area, tackling these bad habits might give your sex life a well-needed boost.. A study from Baylor College of Medicine revealed that "shift work" affects a man's sexual. The 12 Stages of Having Married Sex, as Told by a Guy.

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 · Keith* and I met in our late 40s at turning points in our lives. We were both newly divorced and our children had left for college. In my first marriage sex was always a struggle, and my ex.

Your intimate moments with the man in your life are important to your. Woman lying in bed awake with her partner next to her asleep.. changes to his physique such as breast enlargement-he may have undiagnosed health issues.. “They often tell me, 'Thank you for giving me my husband back again.

67% of young men did not tell their partners compared to 17% of older men who did. The reasons they gave were varied and interesting.. My wife is very satisfied with me taking the medication, it's saved my marriage thankfully.. I used to keep it secret but now my wife knows it's so much better, not having.

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Many women feel deeply threatened by their man's porn viewing. Most men see it as a harmless diversion that has no relationship implications.

Today the man has separated from his wife of 46 years and lives with a woman half his age. It was the return of his sexual vigor, he said, that gave.

But even with that underlying truth, there are at least 10 other reasons for decreased male libido: Medication. Prescription and over-the-counter drugs can .

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